Bonvera SavvyCard digital networking tools

In the unprecedented times we live in today, with COVID-19 virus still having a profound effect on the way people do business, people are turning to online technologies to replace habits and processes that are now considered unsafe to do in person.

Services like Zoom and Google Hangouts video conferencing allow people to meet and do business remotely. Virtual shopping for essentials like food and sundries has hit a new high, as has door-to-door delivery services.

And sales solutions like the Bonvera SavvyCard have made prospecting safe and effective – in a virtual environment.

Every Bonvera Entrepreneur can purchase the Bonvera SavvyCard, a personalized online business card and marketing system that gives you the tools you need to easily share information about Bonvera and grow your business – all with push-button ease. With the Bonvera SavvyCard, you can quickly handout your contact information, capture new leads, and share your Bonvera products as well as your social media pages and other online assets. 

Bonvera Entrepreneurs Curt Sommer and Allen Knight have both purchased Bonvera SavvyCard and have been impressed with its ability to generate new business. Here’s what they had to say:

Bonvera SavvyCard

“I was completely blown away by the functionality. IMHO, this is the single most important tool Bonvera has added to help the entrepreneur expand their business.”– Curt Sommer 

Bonvera SavvyCard

“Love using the (Bonvera) Savvy Card. I share it every day with people I am talking with on Zoom. I also like that it saves my contacts.”  – Allen Knight 

Bonvera SavvyCard enables you to:

  • Automatically capture contact details from prospects and referrals
  • Centralize all your valuable online resources
  • Empower your referral networking
  • Improve your search engine ranking
  • Differentiate yourself from competition

Bonvera has negotiated a significant discount for this product. To get yours today, visit and start realizing improved networking, even in a changed world.

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