Check out these 4 reasons why Bonvera rocks.

You may be familiar with the phrase “Bonvera rocks.” In fact, it’s the URL for this blog! It’s a phrase used by both customers and entrepreneurs alike to share excitement about the unique products and opportunity Bonvera provides. These are the top four reasons why Bonvera rocks.

(Just a few of our Phyzix MD products pictured.)

1. Health & Nutrition Made Easy

Our entrepreneurs have exclusive access to our proprietary line of health and nutrition products, Phyzix MD. Developed and tested with our doctor, Dr. Jeff Davis, every product is made with natural ingredients, low sugar and healthy energy to fuel your body for a healthy, on-the-go lifestyle.

The line includes energy drinks made with natural caffeine, protein powder for daily nutrition, healthy weight loss cleanses and multivitamins for daily nutrition.


The Luebella skin care system is another reason why Bonvera rocks.

(The whole Luebella skin care line shines!)

2.Elegant Skin Care

Not only do we have our own exclusive line of health products but also a proprietary line of skin care products. Our founder, Amy Marks, named it Luebella which means “beautiful light.” She believes that every woman possesses her own beautiful light, and she encourages women to let their beautiful light shine. And what better way to shine than through your skin?

The skin care line has four core products including a day cream, night cream, revitalizing facial cleanser and an anti-aging serum. Every product sources high-quality natural ingredients and exfoliants to leave your skin fresh, radiant and feeling young and vibrant.


The main reason why Bonvera rocks is because of our awesome entrepreneurs.

(Our incredible entrepreneurs celebrating their success at one of our National Training Events.)

3.An Irresistible Opportunity

Stuck in the daily grind and wanting more, entrepreneurs wanted more financial freedom, more time with their families, more convenience and more time for the moments that matter. Bonvera rocks because it allows real people to become entrepreneurs with our business model. Our entrepreneurs build a customer base, share passion for the products, find financial freedom and take ownership over their careers.

Bob Dickie, Bonvera’s CEO and Co-Founder, recently wrote about the advantages of being an entrepreneur in The Decline of the 9 to 5 Job post. (Read more about our new CEO and his vision for our company in Who is Robert L. Dickie III, Bonvera’s New CEO? An In-Depth Interview.) Customers found this entrepreneurial opportunity, and Bonvera gave them the tools, education and training to help them build a business and gain freedom in their careers. We now have entrepreneurs spread across the United States!

Not to mention, there are many rewards, perks and benefits to being an associate. This includes exclusive access to education and training, networking with other associates, regional and national events, savings on products and the opportunity to earn extra income. It’s an irresistible opportunity for many, and it could be a great opportunity for you!


Our entrepreneurs are one of the main reasons why Bonvera rocks.

(Some of our entrepreneurs receiving recognition at one of our National Training Events.)

4.Exceptional People & Culture

Our exceptional culture and people are the most important reason why our company rocks. Bonvera is filled with thousands of entrepreneurs that are ambitious and goal oriented. Not to mention, our people believe in making an impact, helping people and leaving a legacy.

These entrepreneurs make the difference. Looking in the eyes of their loved ones, they remember what matters most. It’s their families, their kids, and the next generation. It’s the impact they’ll have and the service they give to others. That’s what matters most and defines our people and culture.

Discover for yourself why Bonvera rocks. Shop our products by talking to your Bonvera entrepreneur or shop the products online. If you’re interested in joining our team and don’t yet have a Bonvera entrepreneur, contact customer service.



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