Here's an inside look at Thrive Farmers coffee line.

Bonvera has recently partnered with Thrive Farmers, a coffee company on a mission to create lasting impact in farmer’s lives and their communities by selling coffee through their  innovative farmer-direct revenue sharing model. Each cup of joe makes such a difference in the lives of these farmers and their families. Let’s take an in-depth look at our new Thrive Farmers coffee blends.

Watch this video to learn more about why Thrive Farmers coffee brews up impact!

Premium Coffee

Every coffee Thrive Farmers offers is of world class quality and sustainably sourced from farmers around the globe.

At our October National Training Event, our CEO, Robert L. Dickie III, and Thrive Farmers President, Tom Matthesen, publicized this partnership and announced that  Bonvera now had two specialty coffee blends available for purchase including Thrive Farmers True North and Morning Ritual. But that’s not all, we’re now including three more specialty grade coffee blends including Wild Rooster, Night Shift, and Layover Decaf. 

True North is one Thrive Farmers coffee products.

True North is a medium roast, Latin American blend with hints of citrus fruit, caramel, and swiss chocolate flavors. On Thrive Farmers’ website, they include how True North affects the Ferrufino family. “In Matagalpa, Nicaragua, Don Enrique Ferrufino and his son, Enrique, work tirelessly to run a family farming operation that produces high quality coffee year after year. They’ve honed in on producing exceptional coffee that is the product of meticulous processing and a unique microclimate in Matagalpa. They take great pride in running their family business that also provides jobs for hundreds of people in their community. The Ferrufinos not only grow, mill and export their coffee but also work with other farmers in their community, providing milling and exporting services for them.”

“It’s kind of exciting to be able to do and try different things and actually make a change. My mother says you should always be proud of being a coffee farmer because you create jobs for hundreds of people. So it’s true, you know…everyone should be proud to be a coffee farmer.” – Enrique Ferrufino”

We're honored to carry Morning Ritual, one of Thrive Farmers coffee products.

Morning Ritual is a dark roast, Latin American blend with notes of roasted nut and rich brown sugar. From Thrive Farmers’ website, this is the story of how Morning Ritual makes it from the farm to your cup. “Marta Solares Del Cid de Gonzales and Rodolfo Solares, siblings from the Fraijanes region, have always been members of the Thrive Farmers Family. As part of the Concepcion Pinula farmer’s association, Marta and Rodolfo pool their coffee with other farmers to get better prices. That extra income has allowed them to now focus more on improving their quality. Not only has their coffee improved over the years, but their relationship with Thrive has grown stronger. Marta and Rodolfo, known for their hospitality, are always the first stop on a visit to Guatemala to share in some morning coffee and crackers.”

Bonvera is proud to carry Wild Rooster, one of Thrive Farmers coffee products.

Wild Rooster is a medium roast, Central American blend with notes of vanilla and fruity and nutty flavors. Wild Rooster has a personal and significant story to one Thrive Farmer. Taken from their website, here is the story of farmer, Byron. “Byron Corrales finds tremendous satisfaction in coffee farming, which he considers his art. Byron’s farm in Matagalpa, Nicaragua reflects his worldview of living responsibly now for future generations. The water used on his farm comes from a natural spring on his land, a life source he respects, protects, and shares with neighboring communities. Byron’s coffee is the backbone of the Wild Rooster espresso blend, a blend that captures some of the most exciting coffees from our farmers each year. Wild Rooster is full of chocolate notes, a deep fruit sweetness, and like Byron, something a little wild.”

Bonvera is proud to carry Night Shift, one of Thrive Farmer's coffee products.

Night Shift is a dark roast, Latin American blend with smooth, roasty cocoa notes and tastes. One cup of Night Shift tells a story, and this is the story Thrive Farmers tells. “In the Santa Rosa, Guatemala lies the community of Parras, where Eleasar Santos is a leader in the coffee community. Through partnering with Thrive, Eleasar’s community has used additional income to invest in new farming practices, new plants and new markets. After years of partnership, Eleasar says that the partnership with Thrive has become more of a close friendship than a business relationship, although the relationship has lead to more business opportunities.”

“There is no stability (in the coffee market) and that hinders us from doing things because we don’t know what price we will be selling at. So, through Thrive Farmers we have had stability in price. We can actually do numbers. And I like that I know to place my money where it needs to be. This is where the relationship with Thrive has taken us.” – Eleasar Santos”

Bonvera is honored to carry Layover Decaf, one of Thrive Farmers coffee products.

Layover Decaf is a medium roast, Central American blend that has notes of baking spices, syrup, and dark chocolate. According to Thrive Farmers, the unique thing about Layover Decaf is that it’s USDA Certified Organic using the Swiss Water process. Thrive Farmers only uses the Swiss Water Process to decaffeinate their specialty coffee. Swiss Water Process is a chemical-free, environmentally friendly process that preserves the character of the bean and is 99.9% caffeine-free. This year’s Layover blend features a single origin from Hueheutenango, Guatemala. Layover is candy sweet with a bright, fruit-forward acidity, balanced perfectly by a medium to dark roast profile.

Every purchase directly impacts the lives of the farmers who grew the coffee. Farmers in the Thrive Farmers network earn up to 300% more than they would selling their coffee on the commodities market. With these increased wages, farmers can put more food on the table for their family, they can pay for their children to go to school and have regular visits to healthcare professionals. They can have hopeful futures with a higher standard of living than they would have otherwise.

Bonvera’s Proprietary Line

Additionally, Thrive Farmers will soon be providing Bonvera with their own premium proprietary line of coffee. It will be exclusive to Bonvera, so only Bonvera customers and entrepreneurs can purchase this exceptional coffee.

We’re honored to join hands with Thrive Farmers to bring excellent coffee to our customers while also making a difference in the lives of coffee farmers through each purchase.
To purchase Thrive Farmers coffee, contact your Bonvera entrepreneur. If you don’t yet have one, contact our customer service team at to get connected to one in your area.


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