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Sometimes weight loss isn’t easy. Feeling tired and experiencing cravings is common at the start of many weight loss programs which makes it a challenge to stick with it through the long haul. Or, you may start a weight loss program only to find you hit a plateau. A cleanse can play an integral role in weight loss—but not just any cleanse will work. Here’s why.

Types of Cleanses

There are many cleanses out there that are fads or advertise fast, 48-hour results. You may have heard of the Master Cleanse consisting of cayenne pepper, lemon, water and maple syrup. There are also detox teas that advertise themselves as cleanses, and a variety of juice cleanses. The truth is, few of the cleanses out there will truly work. Let’s be honest: most of these will just give the runs!

So, what does work? According to Dr. Jeff Davis, an effective cleanse needs to be a science-backed lifestyle program and not quick fix. Also, a cleanse needs to be specifically designed to support the liver which provides ongoing cleansing for our body. Phyzix MD Cleanse, developed by Bonvera and Dr. Davis, is a great choice because it’s a two-week program and a family of products that supports the liver and provides the body with what it needs.

How It Works

Our bodies are pretty impressive and are constantly cleansing themselves. The Phyzix MD Cleanse properly supports the body during this process. The booklet that comes with the cleanse guides you through what to eat and how to best use the Phyzix MD products over the two-week period. Simple carbohydrates will be eliminated, and you’ll work towards a more healthy, balanced diet.

What About Cravings and Energy?

As you work through the cleanse and eliminate those carbohydrates it will bring down your sugar levels. Dr. Davis explains it likes this: When you take in too much dietary carbohydrates, you’re growing a fair amount of yeast. The yeasts have the ability to signal to our brain through neurotransmitter-like substances and make us crave more sugar. This is where the probiotic comes in. The Saccharomyces boulardii in the probiotic knock that signal out and reduce cravings.

In addition to sugar cravings, you may also experience decreased energy from reduced carbohydrates as you work towards a balanced diet. The Phyzix energy drink can help. It provides phenomenal support when you feel your energy is dipping, and it comes in great flavors like acai berry and tropical, as well as a zero option with no calories or sugar.

But Is It Just Water Weight?

Over the course of the cleanse, you’ll experience weight loss, and as Dr. Davis notes, many people may say, “it’s just water weight.” This weight loss, even though it may be water, is critical since what you’re really losing is inflammation—the swelling of intracellular fluid that gets poured into the extracellular space. So, it’s not just water weight, you’re removing inflammation, and inflammation has been linked to type 2 diabetes, obesity and heart disease.

Our cleanse weight loss program is the healthy way to do a cleanse for effective, healthy results.
Our Phyzix MD Cleanse program includes four core products for effective, healthy weight-loss results. 

What Does the Cleanse Include?

The Phyzix MD Cleanse is made up of these products in addition to the Cleanse Guide:

  • Metabolizer PH: A nutrient-rich protein shake that is vegan and sugar and Stevia-free. It comes in two great flavors including Dutch Chocolate and French Vanilla. The Metabolizer PH supports protein metabolism and healthy body composition, cardiovascular health, antioxidant systems and provides essential micro-nutrients. It includes high-potency B12, activated B vitamins and minerals.
  • Optimizer Plus: A supplement that supports liver health and balanced detoxification, Optimizer Plus is critical to the complex process of detoxification and essential overall health and vitality. The unique formula provides activated B vitamins and enhanced bioavailability and folate utilization.
  • Probiotic Max: A probiotic supplement to help support and maintain the healthy gut ecology, Probiotic Max is a lactose-free, stomach acid-resistant and stable formula containing DNA-verified probiotic organisms that improve immunity.

To purchase the Phyzix MD Cleanse, contact your Bonvera entrepreneur. If you don’t yet have a Bonvera associate, contact customer service and get connected today. You can email support@bonvera.com or call (316) 260-2225.



  1. This cleanse is amazing! My first time around on the cleanse I immediately noticed my energy level was much higher but also recognized that my sugar craving felt non-existent. Which really helped with the late night cravings.. (Oh don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about.. Lol)

    I’ve watched a lot of my friends make drastic improvements. From weight loss to higher energy to creating new health habits in their life! I highly recommend this cleanse for a couple of reasons. The sugar cravings going away, not having to make multiple stops to the restroom and the weight loss! Even though the cleanse isn’t necessarily for weight loss. (Just happens to be a great side benefit!)

    Hope this helps! Enjoy and have a great day!

    1. Such a powerful testimony on the cleanse, Mike! We would love to share your story of your results and how it made you feel! Our cleanse and your testimony can help so many other people lose weight, feel better, and gain so much more energy back.

  2. I believe that avoiding processed foods is a first step so that you can lose weight. They can taste beneficial, but processed foods include very little nutritional value, making you feed on more simply to have enough power to get through the day. Should you be constantly having these foods, transitioning to cereals and other complex carbohydrates will help you to have more vitality while consuming less. Good blog post.

    1. Yes, we agree. The Phyzix MD Cleanse is a great way to cut back on sugars and processed foods. Thanks for your feedback!

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