Proud to introduce these Bonvera leaders, Adam & Julie Hancock.

Success is no accident. It doesn’t come without hard work, sacrifice, endurance, and discipline. This next couple we’re featuring on the blog knows the value of hard work, and they’re racing hard every day to set goals and crush them. From Colorado, we’re proud to introduce Adam & Julie Hancock. 

Adam and Julie enjoy being together in beautiful Colorado!

In the midst of a busy day at the office and at home, Adam & Julie took time to sit down and share their goals and dreams with us. Currently, they are not full-time Bonvera entrepreneurs. Adam runs a State Farm insurance agency, and he’s been doing that for about 16 years. Julie has worked in customer service for the insurance agency for over 25 years. Together, they have also been in the network marketing industry in addition to working full-time jobs for the past 20 years. 

Though it may be a lot of work, life has more freedom because of the residual income opportunity. Adam described, “We have more freedom, and we have more choices. We understood that residual income was important. The benefit from Bonvera from anything else is the variety and the magnitude of the product selection.” When asked how their lives have changed since being a part of Bonvera, Julie replied, “Bonvera really impacted our lives with the information from the training and teaching. That is literally what changed our lives. In our audio, we were on the brink of marital issues and divorce, but it really got a hold of our hearts which impacted everything else. It’s really been huge.” Adam agreed, “I would say the information we’ve learned and the different thinking/mindset has transformed our lives night and day better. Literally night and day better. We have substantially better relationships with each other and with our kids, even our team with Bonvera and at the office. Each and every element has been incredible as we’ve learned to grow and develop.”

Balancing their full-time jobs with their Bonvera jobs is not an easy task. Julie laughed, “We’re still figuring that out. Adam’s pretty intentional. When he’s at the office, he’s focused on that. But after hours are battle hours for Bonvera that he works really hard from 5pm to 9pm or 10 pm. It’s not an easy balance. We’ve seen residual effects from trying to run two different businesses, both positive and negative.” But they are putting in all of the work to reach their dreams. They are dreaming for “time freedom and money freedom.” Adam added, “Our major goal is to have a home down South in Tennessee, Georgia, or Florida and have a home in Colorado. We have a dream home we’ve been dreaming on for a while. So our major goal is to take off with this business and replace the income we have from the agency and hire someone that will manage our agency to free up our time. It gives us the freedom that we aren’t locked into the agency.” 

Why do they work day and night around the clock? Because they truly believe and have seen the difference Bonvera makes in people’s lives. Julie said, “I really do believe that Bonvera is the vehicle to help a countless amount of people with their health, their finances, and even spiritually. There’s nothing out there like it.” Even their kids take notice. Adam said, “People come to them for a lot of advice, which stems from them listening to audios and them seeing us reading and associating.” Julie laughed, “Even Hunter (their youngest daughter) has a voicemail message that says she’s unavailable because she’s either in a meeting or meeting with people!” Their kids clearly value the education, training, and different way of thinking this business and the education program have to offer.

Proud to introduce new Bonvera leadership, Adam and Julie Hancock, who achieved New Partners with Bonvera.
Adam and Julie just recently achieved a new rank, New Partners. They were recognized at a Bonvera National Training Event in Denver in June 2019.

Their hard work has paid off. They’ve gone out and crushed almost all of their goals. Julie reflected, “We’re going to have to redo our list. We were talking this morning that a few months ago, we wrote a list of goals on our bathroom mirror. We wrote down 5 things on our mirror and read them everyday. Probably in the next 30 days from now, we’ll have achieved every single one of those! That’s pretty exciting. We’ll have to reassess what to do afterward.” Just recently, Adam and Julie achieved a new ranking level within the company as New Partners. They were recognized at a National Training Event in Denver in mid June. It was awesome getting to watch them persevere, work hard, and meet their goals for themselves and their teams!

This couple complied when we asked if we could throw them a few fun questions towards the end of their interview! A few fun facts about them include: 

As far as hobbies, this couple loves to….

Adam said, “I love being outdoors — fishing, camping, and hiking. I really love football too. I’d rather play it than watch it. I love being outside and being a part of nature. It fills my tank, and it helps me to feel alive.”

Julie replied, “It’s just fun hanging out with our family and doing fun things. For instance, this past Sunday, we took a picnic lunch to Grand Mesa and took my dad, who is in assisted living, with us. But if I could go back to school and do something, I’d go to culinary school. I love to cook.”

They would make some interesting cartoon characters…

Julie remarked, “Adam is that Hei Hei chicken from Moana. I would probably be the mom, Ugga, from that movie, The Croods.”

Adam argues, “No I’d be the Tasmianian devil.” 

What makes them unique? They say…

Adam joked, “We’re spicy.”

Julie answered, “I think my ability to connect with people and make them really feel special just as they are, not where they are going to be. Adam’s a really good connector as well; he is really good at listening to people and helping them at their point of need. I would say overall we’re good connectors.” Adam agreed, “We’re phenomenal connectors.” 

They wrap up this interview saying, “We’re just really grateful to how much trust and love they (our team) have for us and their support. It’s pretty incredible. We are a tight knit group. Kind of like the insides of a baseball. The tighter they are woven the faster they fly. We are very close, and we love each one of them.” Thank you for taking the time to get to know Adam & Julie Hancock. If you’re interested in learning more, please email us at or call us at (316) 260 – 2225, and we’ll get you connected to an entrepreneur near you.


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