Angry Angel energy drinks Bonvera

Nowadays, we all need energy. We live in a fast-paced society that requires and demands our attention. Here at Bonvera, we offer various products that help provide clean and healthy energy that’s good for your body in several forms like coffee, vitamins, supplements, and more. Today, we’re excited to say we’re adding another product to our energy line — new energy drinks!

We’re proud to offer another product that aligns with our vision to provide clean and good for you energy through a partnership with Angry Angel energy drinks.

Angry Angel was named just that — Angry Angel — to promote the energy and passion we need to survive in this day and age with the innocence of good ingredients that fuel your mind, body, and soul.

Made with natural caffeine from Yerba mate and infused with antioxidants, this energy drink can be found in stores like Whole Foods. It’s recognized by big stores because of the ingredients and value proposition this company and product provides. It’s made with COQ10, organically flavored, contains no artificial ingredients, zero sugar, and zero calories. Where else can you find an energy drink like this AND earn for your business?! No place but Bonvera.

We’re proud to offer two flavors including Blackberry Lemon and Tropical, and we’re so proud to offer an energy drink like this that provides the safe energy you need to stay on the top of your game for your community, your business, and your family. Shop today.