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Growing a Bonvera business is all about being able to make sales on a regular basis. And making sales is all about building relationships. Most sales professionals prefer to meet prospects in person so they can connect on a personal level and build trust. But building relationships amidst social distancing and shelter-in-place mandates creates a challenge many professionals don’t know how to overcome. 

The good news is that access to social media and readily available virtual resources like SavvyCard (one of our newest partners!) have allowed many professionals to bridge the gap between digital engagement and growing their business. In fact, the timing couldn’t be better for taking your operation virtual, without sacrificing the personal touch needed to close sales. Here are 4 actionable tips to grow your business in a socially distanced world from our partner, SavvyCard.

Here are 4 ways to build your business using virtual tools:

1)         Create a Personalized Digital Business Hub

This means aggregating your Bonvera products, contact information, valuable resources, social media accounts and other online tools in one place so you can control your first impression with a prospect.

  • Create a virtual business card with a great photo so you can meet face-to-face “virtually”.
  • Provide multiple contact options for your prospects to reach out including email, phone, text, and social media.
  • Use a platform that doesn’t require downloads or installs and makes it easy to share your information and to be referred.
  • Make sure your virtual business card reflects your personal brand and creates a professional first impression.
  • Include links to your relevant business content, like your Bonvera store, your business blog, and other health, nutrition or lifestyle information pertinent to your business.
  • Include a call-to-action asking people to browse your shop and products.

2)         Be Active on Social Media

Bonvera Savvy Card virtual tools

Chances are you have a Facebook page and a Twitter account. You’ll want to leverage them to create new business opportunities.

  • Invite all your friends and family to like your company’s business pages and follow you on your social media handles.
  • Post content regularly that is relevant to your products or services and helpful to the viewer (i.e., how-to guides, special knowledge, tips or tricks, special insider knowledge, etc.). Since this is linked to your Digital Business Hub, people can easily share this information to their contacts both offline and online. 
  • Encourage engagement by asking people to share their opinion on the product/services you offer.
  • Every 4-5 posts, share a link to your Digital Business Hub’s storefront and ask people to purchase your product or service. Offer them an incentive (i.e., limited time offer, 10% first purchase, etc). 

3)         Get Found in Search Engines

Bonvera Savvy Card working from home virtual tools

Your potential customers are now spending a large amount of time at home and are more active online than ever before, visiting websites and social media platforms for news and to stay in touch with people they know. You’ll want to reach prospects who are actively searching for the products you sell on Google and other search engines. 

  • Make sure you have both product and relevant business content aggregated in your Digital Business Hub so you show up higher in the search results and capture “organic search” leads.
  • Make sure your Digital Business Hub invites people to take actions by tapping and navigating. This type of engagement with your online content is a big factor in scoring higher on search engines.
  • Include important search keywords in your page description so Google can easily match searches back to your Digital Business Hub.  
  • Link your valuable online content and resources to your Digital Business Hub. This makes your Hub appear more important in search engines and will help it show up higher in search results.

4)         Spend on Online Advertising

Bonvera Savvy Card how to work from home and grow your business online

In addition to getting in front of your prospects through organic searches, you’ll want to explore paid options that can help: 

  • Place Display Ads in social media and on ad networks so people start to recognize your name, your face, your brand, and your products. This is the virtual equivalent of meeting new people face-to-face. Link these ads to your Digital Business Hub.
  • Boost your posts on Facebook offering products for sale and turn them into ads. Place these ads in front of people who are more likely to purchase by using targeted audiences. This is the virtual equivalent of going to networking events or gatherings. Include a link to your Digital Business Hub.

Bonvera SavvyCard® is The Perfect Digital Business Hub

Bonvera Savvy Card grow your business online and connect

Bonvera SavvyCard® provides a comprehensive solution for growing your business virtually and is available to you today at a deep discount. It empowers Bonvera entrepreneurs to develop new business and sell their products online with less hassle and better results, all from the  comfort of your home.

When you’re ready to get started, give the folks at SavvyCard a call at (727) 502-6012 or to learn more, visit